Design ideas

At Fabric Letter Company we know how hard it can be to narrow down your fabric choices to just a few.  To assist you we have produced some design ideas which show some of the combinations we think work the best.

Don't just be constrained by our ideas though, let your imagination run wild and design your own unique gift.

 These designs work perfect in a new baby nursery, or anywhere you want to keep the design simple.


Pinks   Blues   Beiges
1. Pink and white stars   1. Sky Blue   1. Lemon Gingham
2. Pink   2. Light Blue Pin Stripe   2. Beige Nursery Print
3. Pink and white spot   3. On The Move   3. Beige Gingham
4. Pink Gingham   4. Blue Gingham    



Just a few possible combinations from our Fabric Letters for Girls section.

Top Left   Top Right   Centre   Bottom Left   Bottom Right
1. Pink   1. Rosali Spot   1. Pink and White Stars   1. Lilac Gingham   1. Pink Patchwork Hearts
2. Pink Gingham   2. Cherries   2. Rosali   2. Hot Pink   2. Hot Pink
3. Petite Fleur    3. Red Pin Spot   3. Rosali Spot   3. Purple Flowers   3. Cherries
4. White       4. White Patchwork Hearts   4. Hot Pink Gingham   4. Hot Pink Gingham
5. Cupcake       5. Pink and White Spot   5. Purple    
        6. Pink Flower        


A few design ideas taken from our Fabric Letters for Boys section


Top Left   Top Right   Bottom Left   Bottom Right
1. Baby Animals   1. Blue Gingham   1. Blue Pin Stripe   1. Red
2. Sky Blue    2. Red Anchor   2. Blue Pin Spot   2. Racing Check
3. Light Blue Pin Stripe   3. Blue Pin Stripe   3. Thomas and Friends   3. Blue
4. On The Move   4. Red Gingham   4. Blue    
5. Blue Gingham   5. Blue Anchor        
6. Blue Nursery Print            


Ideal designs for playrooms could be a combination of fabrics from both sections, or a simple design of 1 pattern in various colours as shown below.


Left   Right
1. Purple   1. Beige Gingham
2. Hot Pink   2. Lemon Gingham
3. Pink   3. Blue Gingham
4. Sky Blue   4. Red Gingham
5. Blue   5. Hot Pink Gingham
6. Red   6. Pink Gingham
7. White


Fabrics listed are correct as at 1st April 2012.