Wooden letters Aharoni Font - 18mm

Wooden letters in Aharoni Font, sent unfinished ready for you to decorate. Precision cut on our own CNC routing machines so we never run out of stock, typicaly manufactured in 2-3 days.
aharoni upper 18mm.gifaharoni upper 18mm.gif
aharoni upper 18mm.gif
Aharoni lower 18mm.gif
Aharoni numbers 18mm.gif
Price: £2.00
Font Size:

Character: Tooltip


MDF craft letters ideal for personalising bedrooms, toy boxes, furniture or just to make up inexpensive buisness signage.

All our letters are made using the finest quality materials and hand finished to minimise your preperation time.

Bare edges can be sealed and primed with a 50/50% water/PVA mix and sanded further to give a super smooth finish.

Once sealed they can be hand painted with emulsion, gloss paints or even acrylic spray paints.

Customer sizes available on request upto 1220mm x 1350mm.

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