Service Record Plaque

Personalised posting record plaque. A unique gift showing the locations of postings over the years. Can be made to suit Army, RAF, Navy, Air Force, US Army or even specific regiment etc.
Price: £21.99
Force Name:

Family or Couple's Names:

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Up to 3 location plaques are included, and extra can be added at the time of ordering for an additional £3.00 each (calculated automatically), or purchased from our separate listing at a later date.


This item is made to order in the UK.


The main plaque is 170mm x 150mm by 6mm thick, plaque and embellishments are made from high quality MDF and professionally painted, the plaque comes with Jute attached for hanging.


Plaques are recommended for indoor use only.


Please message us with the following information after purchase.


1: Force name.
2: Family or couple's names. (Example: Joanna & Michael Gladdon, or The Gladdon Family)
3: Locations and dates, can be bases, towns, even street names can be accommodated.


Please do not hesitate to ask questions regarding this item.

PLEASE NOTE: If the text you request does not fit within the available space, we will resize accordingly and contact you for approval.